Getting Married? What Style Of Wedding Photography Would You Prefer?


So, your wedding date is finalized, venue is booked and you have hired the wedding photographer. Now what? It’s time to decide the style of wedding photography you want for your special occasion. There are many types of styles you can choose from, but you should go for the style that suits you the most.

Here are the top 4 most popular styles of wedding photography in Northern Beaches, which can help you to decide the style you want for your wedding.

  • Standard Or Traditional Wedding Photography

You may have seen wedding photo albums of other couples where in most of the pictures people look like stiff wooden boards. With changing trends this type of photography is not the first choice for many people. However, majority of photographers still offer the same old kind of work. If you want a traditional style of work then it is fine, but inform your photographer in advance if you don’t want that type of result.

  • Wedding Photojournalism (Reportage Photography)

Reportage Photography for weddings is completely opposite of the traditional type of photography. It focuses on capturing the moment when they take place in real-time. The photographer strives to capture the natural expressions and special moments of the bride & groom and guests who are attending the ceremony. The photographer is required to stay at the background and always ready to catch the best moment. It makes the function less formal and delivers some amazing results. This type of wedding photography style has become quite popular among couples not only in Northern Beaches, but all over Australia.

It is fast becoming the latest trend among couples, but extra efforts are required to provide the best results in this style of wedding photography. The vintage style is achieved with help of latest editing technologies in which the photographer provides a complete vintage look to the pictures on his editing table. Or, the photographer can simply use the old film cameras to get the real vintage look.

While going for vintage style photography you need to make sure that the wedding ceremony also has a vintage theme. How would the pictures look, if the people are wearing modern clothes and you go for vintage style of photography? Plan properly to get the best results from vintage style photography for weddings.

  • Fashion Magazine Photography Style For Wedding

This style of photography is inspired by glossy & high-end magazines and you’ll be surprised to see the amazing pictures of your wedding. The photographer should be aware about the requirements in this style of wedding photography. Recently, this style has become the most popular and preferred by people for wedding photography in Northern Beaches.

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Wedding Photography Tips

As one of the most important decisions you will make concerning the big day, planning your wedding pictures should be considered with care. This list of wedding photography tips will help to get you started towards capturing these priceless memories:
Select Your Photography Style

How do you envision your wedding photographs? Wedding Photographers generally fall into three stylistic categories: traditional, photojournalist, or a combination of both. Traditional photographers are practiced in obtaining great portraits and posed shots. For more candid shots that document the day´s emotions and all the behind-the-scenes action, you may lean towards the photojournalistic style of photography(a trend for todays weddings). For brides who simply cannot decide, seek a wedding photographer who can offer the perfect mix.
Consider the Cost

This really is one area in which you should avoid cutting corners, as your photographs will be one of the few keepsakes you can actually take from your wedding. Expect to allocate at least $1850.00 to your wedding photography budget (the bottom line in metro areas will be even higher). If budget is a concern, consider ordering the most basic package, but avoid hiring an inexperienced photographer to save money. Consult our advice on how to save on photography for more budgeting tips at our photography studio in Kansas City.

Hire your Wedding Photographer
Do your research. Browsing through our list of Preferred Local Wedding Photographers is a great way to start. Compile a list of potentials and commence the “meet and greet.” When meeting with potential photographers, be sure to review his or her work and remember to consider the importance of personality. Your photographer will capture some of the best shots behind the scenes, so you must feel comfortable in working with this person and inviting them backstage. Trust your instinct: if you find anything disagreeable about working with this person, keep looking. And don´t forget to get everything in writing.

Plan the Wedding Pictures
Well before your wedding day, make sure you have considered the must-have photography shots and their execution. You should discuss these details with your photographer so that he or she will be familiar withthe site location, the VIPs of the wedding (attendants, parents etc.), and the best and most un-obtrusive way to get these important shots.
Consider every aspect of your wedding day and how you would like it captured. From the pre-ceremony preparation, to your walk down the aisle, to your “I Dos,” to your first dance and finally to your departure, make sure to discuss the perfect shots for each special moment. Throughout the planning process, be on the lookout out for images that catch your eye, and consider bringing clips to your photographer.


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Create your perfect wedding day.

Create your perfect wedding day.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and it is important that you take the time to choose your makeup artist for the day.If you don’t like your wedding make up it could mean that you also don’t like your photographs because you don’t look like you in them. A makeup artist will have ideas for your makeup along with what shows up better on camera so that it is noticed but if you don’t like it then you shouldn’t wear it.

A trial is the perfect way to test your wedding makeup and to ensure that you do like it so that you don’t need to waste time on the morning of your wedding trying to perfect your makeup. You can try out a number of different styles of makeup so as to discover the right one for your wedding day. You may originally think you want one style of make up only to see it completed and not like it, a trial is the perfect time to suggest any changes and to make them. It is important that your makeup artists knows what they are doing on the morning of the wedding so that they can do it in as short a time as possible but to also produce the high quality finish and long lasting make up you desire.

If you are having a themed wedding then you may already have ideas for your wedding makeup which you can relay to your makeup artist and they will do everything they can to create it for you. It is important to have a makeup trial so that you can pick and choose to create a look which you love and which suits you very well.

If you don’t have a trial for your wedding makeup you will find that you are low on time to be able to change your mind as to the makeup your artist has done for you. Your wedding day is not the time to have a makeup artist turn up to do your makeup without having met them before. Most wedding makeup artists will request that a trial takes place so that you can choose your make up then, so that they can know exactly what they are doing on the morning of the wedding.

Many makeup artists are also hairdressers and so you could have one person to do one of the important jobs for your wedding, making you look beautiful so that no one can take their eyes off you. They will be able to ensure that your makeup and hair complement each other and that you look perfect on the day of your wedding without needing to worry about interrupting someone else’s hard work and time.

On the morning of your wedding you only have a limited amount of time and so it is important that you have everything together and that everyone knows exactly what they’re doing. Your wedding makeup artist needs to the makeup they are doing, your hairdressers needs to know the hairstyle they’re doing, your photographer needs to know the style of photos you want and any family and friends need to know what they can do to ensure that the morning runs smoothly.

You are only planning to have your wedding day once and so it is important that you really love everything from the person you are marrying down to your make up, this is why so much time and care needs to be taken in preparing for your special day. You need to make it special for you!

Beauty Call is a well established company offering qualified wedding make up artist and hairdressers across the country to create your perfect wedding day look

Mother of the Bride Speech – What Do I Say?

Mother of the Bride Speech – What Do I Say?

Many more weddings now include a speech by the mother of the bride. What do you say in your speech that will capture the minds of your guests, make the bride smile and allow you to express your love and happiness for your daughter and her new life?Most people are at least wary of public speaking if not completely terrified and speaking at your daughters wedding in front of both friends, family and possibly strangers can be very daunting indeed.

The main thing you need to deliver your speech on the day is to ensure that the speech itself is from the heart and written in your own words. You need to allow your joy and love for your daughter to radiate from your speech. Do this and any minor hiccups will be lost in the moment and you should be much more comfortable as the words will be true to you.

Here is one way in which you can structure your mother of the bride speech.

Start with a personal reflection of the bride and groom and your relationship with them. How that may have changed or have grown through the engagement and through to the wedding.

Remember your daughter as little girl. There will surely be many good memories to pull from about you and your daughters relationship, both funny and heart-warming.

What was the bride like before she met her new husband and how has she changed since. Assuming that’s for the better of course.

Tell the story of how the couple met, any strange or amusing co-incidences or circumstances that led to them meeting and finally being together.

Do you have a short amusing or affectionate anecdote about the couple something that may also show off their good qualities or their own particular style. It’s OK to tease them a little in the mother of the bride speech but be sure to keep the humor light.//

You may also want to say something about marriage itself, the importance of a relationship and about the romance and beauty it can bring to any marriage.

Of course give your thanks to any of the organizers or anyone else you think deserves a mention.

The mother of the bride speech should end with a toast to the bride and groom. This is another point at which your words should come from your heart. Try to make the toast personal and meaningful and an opportunity to end the speech on a real memorable high note.

As the mother of the bride you will already have many weeks or even months of wedding planning. You will be assisting your daughter to help make her wedding day be the one she has always dreamed about and you will probably have little time to spare.

You may well like some expert assistance with your mother of the bride wedding speech . There are easily edited templates and personal assistance available by clicking on the link above. Whatever your final arrangements, I sincerely hope that this wedding is the dream that both you, as mother of the bride, and your daughter wished for.

Kelli and Charlie’s wedding day

KC Photo Innovations – It’s wedding season.  Many more fun weddings will be posted…stay tuned for all the fun!

Wonderful Couple…that about sums it up.  We had so much fun photographing Kelli and Charlie’s wedding, the day just went too fast.  We started out at the Country Club Christian Church where getting ready and the first meeting took place.  Perfect blue skies with some fluffy clouds, great for photos.  The large beautiful wedding chapel is where the wedding took place.  Then off to the Argosy Casino…tons of fun and super fun wedding guests.  Everything at the Argosy went super well.  Great music, food and cake.  The occasion was one that stands out and we will always remember.

Their wedding anniversary will be June 14th, looking forward to seeing them for their family and anniversary photos at our studio.  Hope they had a wonderful honeymoon!

Wedding Kansas City


Wedding Dress time

wedding dress and garter

Wedding Dressing room

Wedding KC Photo Innovations


Now the bride, Kelli, is ready to meet her soon to be husband, Charlie!  The wedding is getting closer and Kelli is getting excited!

Ready to meet her groom on her wedding day


Wedding couple in Kansas City


Weddings in Kansas City

Kansas City Wedding Couple

Real weddings KC Weddings

Wedding Photography Kansas city

Wedding flowers Kansas City


Kansas City Photos Weddings

Kansas City Photo shop wedding

The Knot Weddings

Photography in Kansas City

Photography in KC weddings


KC Photos and weddings

Bride wedding photography


KC Weddings

The Perfect Wedding Guide KansasThe wedding ceremony has begun…the groom waits at the altar, about to be man and wife!  Large church with may guests awaiting.

Wedding chappel wedding KC

Kansas City Real Weddings

Real wedding rings KC

Weddings in Kansas City

perfect weddings in KC

Lisa and John from KC Photo Innovations are ready to take the couple to Loose Park for some fantastic photos.  More fun on the way!

Wedding couple at Loose park KC

Kelli and Charlies wedding 0645Kelli and Charlies wedding 0679

The Knot of Kansas City

Weddings at Loose Park kansas CityWedding couple dippingKansas City Wedding PhotographyFun wedding couples KansasLoving wedding couple Weddings in The KnotKansas City Wedding PhotographyLimosine for wedding coupleArriving at the Argosy Casino, Kansas City Mo.  Time for wedding cake(s) dancing and festivities with a wonderful group of wedding guests.

Wedding cake 1Wedding Reception Kansas CityWeddings in Overland Park KansasThe wedding couple arrive and the party is on!

KC Photo Innovations


Overland Park Wedding Photos

KC Wedding photographers

Wedding photography KC

Kansas City Photographers

To see more of Kelli and Charlie’s engagement photos and wedding photographs, just go to KC Photo Innovations and click on “Online Proofs” where you can see thiers and many more weddings and portraits from our studio right here in Kansas City.

To Kellie and Charlie, thank you so much for having us be part of your wedding day!

KC Photo Innovations – Lisa Catera & John Phoenix

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The 101 Eco Friendly Wedding Tips

General Tips –

Inviting your guests…

Wedding Invitation

  1. Choose who you invite carefully, don’t just invite people to make up numbers. This will reduce the environmental impact from traveling, invitations, and food and drink preparation.

  2. When you want to know how much carbon emission does your wedding have, you can use a carbon calculator. You can then try to offset that by contributing the equivalent amount to organizations like Zero Carbon Weddings or

  3. Encourage their guests to carpool when going to the venue.

  4. Make use of local artisans where possible.

  5. Hire a photographer who uses recycled paper for his photos and albums.

  6. If you have to use disposable items (like plates and cups) try to use of organic- based disposable items like corn based plastic and sugar cane plates.

Green Venues

Green Wedding Venue

  1. Try not to choose an isolated venue so guests don’t have to travel far.

  2. Try to have your wedding at a central location near public transport.

  3. It would be better if the venue is an outdoor location to avoid using lights.

  4. If you are having the reception at night time, if possible, try using candels for table lights, as not only is this romantic but it will also be memorable for everyone involved.

  5. Try to find a venue that makes water conservation and recycling a priority. Also ask the venue if it only uses local suppliers where possible.

  6. Try and use some green transportation when it comes to getting yourself to the church. We like the idea of a horse and carriage, but these days hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular.

  7. Hold the wedding ceremony and reception in one venue to avoid traveling which contributes to carbon emissions.

  8. Choose a venue whose management contributes to a cause for a local art gallery

  9. or you can, look for venues that have solar power panels. Establishments using these solar panels have reduced energy usage.

  10. You can choose local parks that have recreation areas or community centers.

  11. Community recreation centers and clubhouses are a great alternative venues for hotel receptions


The Knot Wedding Invites

  1. Create a website to communicate preparations.

  2. Create a wishlist of eco-friendly products on your wedding site for your guests to know what gifts to give you.

  3. E-mail invitations and inform the guests the principle behind not using traditional paper invitations

  4. If you do send invites by post then focus on the eco-friendliness in the invitation content.

  5. Try to minimize resources used in creating the invitation’s design.

  6. You can choose to give the paper invitations only to a few special people like your close family (ie. mum and grandma!) who can appreciate them.

  7. For your invitations, you can use organic products like cotton, hemp, or bamboo.

  8. Send postcards as invitations to save paper on the envelopes.

  9. For something a bit different why not make your wedding invitations from rags and put them through a production processes similar to that of a printed letterpress and use handset type using vegetable-based inks.

  10. If you preferred to send paper invitations, at least use recycled paper.


KC Photo Innovations

  1. Vintage gowns are very popular these days.

  2. There are many charity stores that have wedding dress sections. Buying from them is contributing to a cause and helping to reduce fuel use in making new dresses.

  3. Grandma’s wedding dress can be customized! Not only does it evoke a sentimental value; it helps to reduce costs, fuel emissions, and further use of

  4. organic products in creating a new use of organic hemp suits. Men can look really good with the one.

  5. Rent a gown instead. You will only use it once.

  6. If possible, and this is mainly from the men, try and choose an outfit that you can use for other formal occasions.

  7. If you opt for a new wedding gown, try to find one that uses organic fibers.

  8. Your flower girls can use custom-made dresses that they can use over and over again.

  9. Any environmentally conscious bride can wear a wedding gown made from natural fabrics with detachable bottoms that makes it suitable for both the wedding ceremony and reception and even for some formal occasions in the future.

  10. You can look for auctioned vintage dresses at eBay instead of buying a brand-new wedding gown.

Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring KC Photo Innovations

Wedding Rings by KC Photo Innovations

  1. Choose a conflict-free diamond that’s certified under the Kimberly process.

  2. Read up on details about conflict-free diamonds from Amnesty International before you buy your diamond wedding rings.

  3. It’s always wise and eco-friendly to choose vintage rings. This way you can help reduce the environmental impact of creating a brand-new one.

  4. You can also melt down the metals of an old ring and make a new one out of it.

  5. Choose diamonds that are mined in peaceful countries like Canada and Australia.

  6. Instead of diamond rings, wooden touch wood rings can be an eco-friendly alternative.

  7. Try to find diamond stores that give a percentage of its proceeds to environmental preservation organizations like the Association of Responsible Mining.

  8. Recycled jewelries can help the environment a lot besides exuding the value of sentimentality.

Wedding Flowers and Decors

Wedding flowers by Kc Photo Innovations

  1. Instead of cut flowers, you can borrow potted plants from a nursery.

  2. You can also buy new flowers or plants but donate them afterwards or let another couple borrow them.

  3. To decorate the aisle, use organic rose petals.

  4. It would be better to use organic local plants instead of imported plants and flowers. which require travel.

  5. Keep away from decors that are disposable.

  6. Potted plants can look just as nice as cut flowers.

  7. You can also use potted herbs like lavenders as decors.

  8. Organic candles like those made from beeswax or soy are earth-friendly.

  9. If you can’t avoid balloons completely, make sure you get FSC certified ones.

  10. You can reuse the flowers used in your wedding as table and dance floor decors during reception.

  11. After you wedding flowers are used, you can donate them to local hospital or senior citizen nursing homes.

  12. Hire a local florist who grows her own flowers and potted plants.

  13. Try to only use flowers that are in season, otherwise the flowers will have to imported.

  14. Avoid unnecessary washing of table cloths by using recycled paper for the table cloths.

Wedding Food and Drinks

Wedding Catering Kansas City The Knot

  1. Make use of organic, local, and seasonal foods.

  2. Instead of alcoholic beverages, you can serve organic fruit juice and sparkling water.

  3. There are good organic wines and beer available.

  4. To offset the costs of food preparation, you can donate excess food.

  5. Instead of commercial table napkins, use recyclable ones.

  6. If you are going to serve chocolates make them from organic ingredients.

  7. Buy your local produce from farmer’s markets or local farm to save on gas and carbon emission in transport.

  8. Look for a caterer who knows about sustainable catering.

  9. If you prefer to have beverages served in your wedding, you can source a local brewery to provide you and your guests beverage right from their keg.

  10. It’s healthy and helpful to the environment when majority of the food served would be vegetarian cuisine.

  11. Bake your own wedding cake or ask a loved-one to do so with organic ingredients.

  12. You don’t have to have a wedding cake, you could have a fruit pie made from fruits from the local orchard. Wonderful!

  13. Make sure the kind of seafood you have on the menu is sustainably harvested.

Wedding Favors

The Knot Wine and Beer Drinks Wedding

  1. For every traveling guest, give a tree seedling to make a small effort to offset carbon emission.

  2. Instead of giving away traditional wedding favors, you can donate instead to charitable institutions. Try to look for a charity in

  3. Organize a tree planting activity in lieu of a bridal shower and document everything so that you and your friends will have something to look back and see your trees blossom in the future.

  4. Herbs in small pots can be taken home as wedding favors. They are ready for planting.

  5. Give away tree saplings in biodegradable pots as wedding favors.

  6. Use cotton paper or soy ink to send them your wedding thank-you note.

  7. Choose a local artisan to make your wedding favors.

Wedding Honeymoons

The Knot Travel and Honeymoon

  1. Select an eco-friendly resort or hotel to spend your honeymoon.

  2. Think about indulging in cause-oriented activities such as volunteering in an orphanage for a week as your honeymoon.

  3. There would be less impact to the environment when you travel to nearby places or highly accessible locations that won’t require you to transfer from one mode of transportation to another.

  4. Take the low carbon route when you’re heading toward your honeymoon destination.

  5. PS…Check out Haley’s Destinations HD –

Wedding Planner

  1. Choose a green wedding planner who is knowledgeable about the local area.

  2. A green wedding planner must be creative enough to think of holding eco-friendly themed activities.

  3. It’s helpful if he or she has experience in organizing environmental awareness activities.

  4. A green wedding planner must not only be imaginative and innovative, he or she must be resourceful. He or she should know where to get eco-friendly alternatives that are more affordable.

Wedding Gifts

  1. Come up with a charity list for your wedding guests instead of receiving traditional wedding gifts from them.

  2. Give handcrafted wedding gifts. Buying hand-crafted wedding items will help support international trade projects and small local business and local design talents.

  3. Look for gift items that are made from recycled products.

  4. You can give these home starters some eco-friendly garden products that encourage nature and wildlife awareness.

  5. Avoid giving highly packaged goods as wedding gifts.

  6. For your bridesmaids’ dedication and hard work, you can give them an organic spa day as your bridemaids’ gifts or you can host an organic spa day treatment in your own home.

  7. Organic home-made cosmetics will make excellent and affordable bridesmaids’ gifts in the same way that they can be used by members of the bridal entourage.

  8. Before buying wedding presents, check whether they are all energy efficient.

  9. Earth Day books make excellent wedding presents for a newlywed couple.

  10. Make sure your photographer only uses digital photos, to save on the chemicals used in film photography

  11. As the photography to only use recycled photo books

  12. Ask if the studio is carbon neutral, and if they are make sure you purchase the offsets, or confirm that the carbon offsets are included in price.

  13. Do You Have Any Tips?

  14. We would love it if you shared any tips which you are using to make your wedding that little bit greener. Thanks

Many of the photos used are from unknown artist to make examples of the article.

Your Wedding Photography

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY, what to know and how to proceed…

“Marriages are made in heaven, committed on earth however captured in a camera via photography“. Indeed wedding photography plays a vital role in capturing the wedding for the forthcoming generation. It preserves wonderful moments between the couple whose knots getting tied with each other and also for those who witnesses it. It is a wonderful experience when somebody gets married. And later on in life when you want to recapture those magic and heart-whelming moments; wedding photography re-alives them.

wedding gallery images002

Wedding photography is not just the act of clicking a series of pictures however it is an art to capture those magic moments in a lively way. Wedding photography should be done in a way so that no matter how many years have passed, the moment you start looking at the pictures the entire wedding gets visualized in front of you the way it was rather in a better way. Wedding photography captures the feelings and sentiments related with the marriage.

KC Photo innovations KC

As wedding is a one-time event hence the photography should be perfect and to the point and the photographer must be prepared to capture the actual moments and those positive exceptional happenings. So that later in your life when you sit and look at the pictures can cherish those moments again adding essence to your life. As a wedding includes different kinds of feelings such as happiness, excitement, fun, enjoyment and a little bit of positive sorrow, especially in case of girls as they get parted from their maternal family. And the photographer must get succeeded in capturing all these feelings and magic in his camera.

bride and groom in frame

A photographer needs to aware of the cultural aspects of wedding photography in a particular culture. They need to understand the symbolism of specific religious rituals. They need to know that when the symbolically significant moments will occur. For example you can’t afford to miss some crucial moments like the wedding kiss.

wedding gallery images006

As we grow older we want our family to see how our wedding was like and it is really interesting and pleasurable to show our grand children as to how we celebrated our big day. And then the art of photography comes into real picture. Wedding is a one time experience however photography makes it a lifetime experience. You enjoy this experience again and again depending on the quality of photography done. You really regret if the photographer missed out some real great magical moments .However on the other hand you really enjoy and start visualizing the wedding once again if the photographer has captured all the feelings and happenings in the wedding. You feel as its happening in front of you if the photography is as lively as the wedding was.

wedding Kansas City

Hence ,the photographer should be prioritized while planning a wedding. We just not want good pictures however we want more lively and excellent pictures. Moreover, wedding photographer should be informed about what exactly you want for your wedding. The idea is that the photography must be done at the right time with the right people. Being a bride or a groom one does not have the time at the wedding to look after how the photography is going on hence a photographer’s role should be played in the right manner and the right order.

kc wedding photography flowers