Music choices at your upcoming wedding

When planning your wedding reception, celebration or occasion one of the very first choices you will have to make is whether or not to employ a band or a Disc jockey for your function. Each and every one has its advantages and it might even be that you choose each! Every single gives a diverse ambiance and will offer you your celebration a diverse feel. We will appear at every and give you all the answers to support you make the right decision.

DJs can offer you lots that a reside band can’t but you may drop some of the uniqueness and atmosphere that a reside band delivers. The main difference is that a Disc-jockey can provide a variety of music they can play diverse tempos and distinct genres and can cater for a wide selection of musical tastes which might be crucial if you a have a broad cross section of folks attending. At a wedding for instance you might have three or 4 various generations of households attending and they could not all appreciate the same designs of music. For instance your grandmother may possibly not appreciate a rock band in the identical way as your 20 year old cousin. Reside bands may be restricted in their repertoire they may possibly only have one type of music they play such as nation or rock. You may be lucky though as some experienced bands make sure they have a good choice and so get far more celebration bookings than the typical band. They may even, with some notice, learn new songs just for your function.

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DJs are in most cases a lot more affordable than a band, right after all you are only paying 1 person and not a couple of band members, they will usually have less gear to carry and they will not require to rehearse their sets more than and over to make certain they get them appropriate. A great seasoned Disk jockey will comprehensive a play list in conjunction with you to guarantee you get all the tunes you would wish throughout the night. Despite the fact that DJs are cheaper, as with everything you get what you spend for and to get a great one particular you will certainly be paying a decent sum of funds to make sure your night goes with a bang.

Yet another advantage of a Disc jockey is that they will take up significantly less area than a band so if your space is restricted or you want far more room on the dance floor then this may be a much better alternative for you. A band with 4 or 5 members with all the equipment they carry instruments, amps, microphones and so forth will want a particular amount of space which you will have to accommodate in your space strategy.

So following all that why would you employ a band? Properly feel about it: when you last went to a concert what was the atmosphere like? Did the music send a tingle down your spine? Did you get lost in the occasion and did you don’t forget it and will you for years to come? Against that feel the last time you went to a club, do you bear in mind the Disc jockey or the music? Most likely not!

You see live music provides anything a DJ hire can, it creates an atmosphere, it creates a distinctive knowledge that you and your guests will keep in mind and speak about for years to come. If you get an skilled function band they can generate distinct moods they can play background music while you and your guests consume and drink and can enhance the noise and tempo a notch when you are prepared to let your hair down and dance. You can decide on the genre of music you would like or get a cover band that can play lots of nicely loved and properly identified tunes. Just establish the kind of atmosphere you want to generate and decide on the band accordingly.

Consider about their overall performance as a show, think of the image of the band, do you want them to dress up? Can they entertain in far more methods than by their music? They might be able to act as masters of ceremonies for example.

Whichever you select, with a little believed and arranging guarantee you can get precisely the atmosphere you want for your celebration, whether that be with a reside band or a Disc jockey. Why not truly push the boat out and have both your evening will truly go with a bang.

Getting Married? What Style Of Wedding Photography Would You Prefer?


So, your wedding date is finalized, venue is booked and you have hired the wedding photographer. Now what? It’s time to decide the style of wedding photography you want for your special occasion. There are many types of styles you can choose from, but you should go for the style that suits you the most.

Here are the top 4 most popular styles of wedding photography in Northern Beaches, which can help you to decide the style you want for your wedding.

  • Standard Or Traditional Wedding Photography

You may have seen wedding photo albums of other couples where in most of the pictures people look like stiff wooden boards. With changing trends this type of photography is not the first choice for many people. However, majority of photographers still offer the same old kind of work. If you want a traditional style of work then it is fine, but inform your photographer in advance if you don’t want that type of result.

  • Wedding Photojournalism (Reportage Photography)

Reportage Photography for weddings is completely opposite of the traditional type of photography. It focuses on capturing the moment when they take place in real-time. The photographer strives to capture the natural expressions and special moments of the bride & groom and guests who are attending the ceremony. The photographer is required to stay at the background and always ready to catch the best moment. It makes the function less formal and delivers some amazing results. This type of wedding photography style has become quite popular among couples not only in Northern Beaches, but all over Australia.

It is fast becoming the latest trend among couples, but extra efforts are required to provide the best results in this style of wedding photography. The vintage style is achieved with help of latest editing technologies in which the photographer provides a complete vintage look to the pictures on his editing table. Or, the photographer can simply use the old film cameras to get the real vintage look.

While going for vintage style photography you need to make sure that the wedding ceremony also has a vintage theme. How would the pictures look, if the people are wearing modern clothes and you go for vintage style of photography? Plan properly to get the best results from vintage style photography for weddings.

  • Fashion Magazine Photography Style For Wedding

This style of photography is inspired by glossy & high-end magazines and you’ll be surprised to see the amazing pictures of your wedding. The photographer should be aware about the requirements in this style of wedding photography. Recently, this style has become the most popular and preferred by people for wedding photography in Northern Beaches.

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Cash Bars at Weddings: Tacky or Thrifty?

Savvy couples are looking for any way to cut wedding costs – and rightfully so. Shelling out nearly $30,000 to host a party in these tough economic times just feels frivolous and wasteful. But sorry brides and grooms, a cash bar is never an acceptable money-saving solution. Think about it this way: would you ever charge your pals three dollars every time they grabbed another beer at your Superbowl party? People at your wedding reception are still your guests, even if the event is not held in your house (like said Superbowl party), so they shouldn’t be asked to pay for anything while there. Also keep in mind that, unlike the Superbowl party, many guests will have likely traveled and paid for a hotel room – not to mention a wedding gift – in order to attend your wedding. While the wedding ceremony is all about you, the wedding reception is about thanking your guests for celebrating in your nuptials.

Some couples think providing non-alcoholic beverages gratis while charging guests who wish to upgrade to an alcoholic beverage is perfectly acceptable, but here’s another analogy: Imagine serving all of your wedding guests free soup for dinner at your reception. Now imagine offering optional lobster tail, but forcing those who wish to eat lobster instead of soup to shell out $30 for their meal. Surely you can see why this shouldn’t be done. You should never offer anything that you can’t afford at a party you’re hosting – and then expect your guest to purchase it.

If a four or five-hour open bar is not within your budget, there are plenty of less-costly alternatives that won’t offend your guests:

Offer beer, wine, and soft drinks only.

Offer a full bar for cocktail hour, then switch to beer and wine.

Decide on one type of drink to serve – either a specialty cocktail, champagne, or one type of beer or wine. Most venues will charge significantly less to serve only one type of alcoholic beverage.

Choose a wedding venue that allows you to bring in your own alcohol. Believe it or not – there are plenty of venues that do not have liquor licenses and will allow couples to bring in their own. Anything unopened can be returned for a full refund after the wedding. You may need to get a little more creative with your venue with this option and choose a mansion, museum, or a facility who’s main business is not generated from weddings and special events.

Cut back on other wedding expenses. Lose the expensive designer wedding dress and shoes, do your own hair and makeup, consider less costly alternatives to floral arrangements, drive your own car rather than renting a limo, spin your own tunes instead of hiring a band or DJ… Cutting some of these expenses will free up enough of your budget to serve your guests properly. We’ve seen too many brides waltzing down the aisle in a Vera Wang gown carrying a bouquet of imported orchids with newly manicured nails – all while her guests are hitting up the ATM in the back so they can enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.

Invite less people to your wedding. This is the most effective way to cut wedding costs across the board. The significant savings you’ll experience with a smaller guest list will allow you to treat those who you do invite with courtesy and respect.

Read more about cash bars at weddings in the wedding etiquette guide at – Elegant Galas Made Simple

The Business of Cake Toppers

Cake topper is a very commonly used cake decoration part. It is used in many different occasions for decorating the cake. The starting of the cake toppers was done with the wedding cakes, but with time and huge popularity, it became a part of decoration in many other occasions where cake is used.

For wedding cake toppers, the most common forms are the bride and the groom. But sometimes, the marring couple like something else and the professional cake topper makers can create design as they want.

Sometimes, the couple likes different shapes as their hobby. In case of other occasions, the toppers can be different according to the theme of the event.

The professional toppers are mainly related with the cake business; in other words, the professional cake makers have topper making business in parallel to their original business. This is a great opportunity for them to increase their business as well as getting more customers. But also there are independent cake topper makers who have nothing to do with cake making.

It is not very difficult to find a job in the cake topper business. But you must have a great quality. In case of the cake toppers, the finishing is very important. You also need to have a great artistic sense to make the toppers. The design of the shapes and the appropriate color combination is very important to make a nice looking topper. As a cake topper maker what you should do is to try to keep the clients by creating excellent products as well as providing great customer service.

The Monogram Cake Toppers job and different options for them as well as suggestion to do better in the business.

Professional Photographers Digital Processing Fees Explained

You’ve instructed the photographer, attended the shoot, seen the outcome on their laptop and are now looking forward to obtaining your disk full of wonderful new imagery. The DVD arrives and as predicted the photographs are stunning, more than you could have asked for, however there seems to be a problem with the invoice, what’s this digital production fee all about?

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Customers often seem unwilling to pay for digital production costs. They either don’t fully grasp the costs to the professional photographer in capturing and presenting digital imagery or simply believe that the ‘virtual’ nature of digital photo files somehow deems them free or of less worth than a file that has been shot on film, printed and then scanned.
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Ten years ago billing a client for a shoot was a simple matter of costing out the price of the film used, the ‘wet’ developing costs and the presentation of the final prints or transparencies, whether completed by the lab or by myself. Add on a few percent for the time in handling the whole process and the costs involved with the shoot was a simple figure to equate. Scanning and retouching was normally done and settled by the client but if I was needed to do it myself then this time would be billed for separately. With the advance of digital capture, things have changed substantially.
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Well I haven’t even seen a roll or sheet of film, breathed the foul odor of darkroom chemistry or spent hours laboriously removing flecks of dust from a transparency before scanning for over 3 years now. To be honest I rarely miss it. Digital photography has many distinct benefits over the traditional film capture process, most noticeably in the new level of creative command the commercial photographer and customer has and also the time saved in finishing the whole process. But there are now many less obvious and unseen costs involved in getting to this final image file:

Digital Camera Equipment. Just to be able to capture digital files the professional photographer must now continually invest in extremely pricey digital cameras, far more expensive than their film counterparts. Film cameras are comparably simple mechanical instruments that would last a mindful photographer for many years whereas digital cameras are full of technology that soon becomes defunct so therefore need constant upgrading. Digital cameras also appear to break more often, let alone the regular sensor cleaning required!
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RAW file processing and retouching. Professional digital cameras capture files that are RAW, visualize them as negatives which need to be developed, printed and then finally scanned and retouched to the clients specifications. Rather than wet chemicals and lab machines the digital photographer now uses computers and RAW processing software. Instead of dodging, burning and spotting prints in a traditional darkroom, the digital photographer must now use potent computers and image adjustment software like Photoshop to retouch the files including getting rid of spots of sensor dust, color correction etc. Finally these finished files are either printed off on a ink jet printer, burnt to disk or digitally transmitted via an ftp service. High end computer equipment gear doesn’t come cheap, or the image manipulation software that commercial photographers must learn to competently use. Such expensive items also have the unpleasant habit of devaluing very quickly too, plus in depth training is often needed to enable the photographer to use expertly.

Time. All of these new and often unapparent skills necessitate time, although the customer may get the completed shots much quicker than with traditional prints, transparencies and scans, the work load and set of skills of the commercial photographer has actually increased. Remember the scanning and retouching costs you used to have to pay the retro house? Well now the photographer saves you many of these costs by executing it themselves, but this process still necessitates time which must be paid for by the client.

To conclude, today’s digital workflow now involves substantial and ongoing capitol investment by the commercial photographer and an increased time consuming work load. Digital processing fees are basically meant as a way to reflect and recoup this.

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This article has been supplied courtesy of Andy Nickerson. Andy is a Professional Photographer Northampton with over 14 years experience in working for design and advertising professionals. Andy also creates personalized art in Northamptonshire from his studio Space Candy.

Save Money on Your Wedding Photography

Weddings are memorable events couples and their families want to remember forever, and what better way to capture these moments than by a camera. Weddings may be gone, but the feeling of joy will always stay because of the wonderful moments captured on film. And photography expenses shouldn’t be too high if you want to have the nicest photos on your wedding day. Here are some ideas to help you get started in producing great photos on a budget.

1. Hiring a professional photographer is the best option because he has the equipment, the experience, and the knowledge in this field. So look around in your area for professional photographers that suit your needs, and don’t charge too high.

2. If you choose the above option, do a lot of research on the price, the portfolio, and the over all behavior of the photographers you selected. Don’t just compare them on the price alone. Take note of his portfolio. Are the photos professional and outstanding? Observe his professionalism by asking his past clients (if you know one) on his punctuality and behavior. Did he come on time for their wedding? Were the arrangements made smoothly? Did they have any disagreements later on the price? Was he polite or bossy during the picture-taking? Asking questions not only about the quality of his work but also on his professionalism and personality will greatly determine your over-all satisfaction, and will ensure every dollar you pay him is worth it. You don’t want someone you hired to act grumpy and ruin your important day, do you?

3. Book as early as possible, say 6 months from your day. This way you won’t have to worry about the other clients who might also need him on the same day as your wedding.

4. Hire a photography student in a nearby university. He/she is more than willing to take on your assignment and unleash his/her creativity. As much as possible have a look at his/her works first, and observe his/her personality as well.

5. Gather your friends on your pre-wedding party and have him take photos of you.

6. Make an arrangement to keep the negatives to yourself afterwards so you can reprint them and edit them if you like. You can even use the pictures to make personalized thank you cards later that show the guests on the wedding.

7. Have your guests take photos as many as they want by placing disposable cameras on the tables during your reception.

8. Have a talented family member take your photos. Nowadays because of digital cameras and photo editors, it is more possible than ever for an average person to take great pictures.

9. Ask for help from your friends who recently married. Advice from them will surely help you a lot because they’ve gone through what you are going through now. Ask for references, if they know of some photographers who fit your qualifications.

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Wedding Ideas for your groom

Give your groom lots of surprises on your wedding day with these fifteen fun wedding ideas.

1. Have his shirt collar or cuffs embroidered with a secret message such as ‘I love you’ or have your initials or wedding date instead. Coordinate with him by having your initials jeweled onto the soles of your shoes in crystals.

2. If he has a favorite sport or hobby such as baseball, fishing or golf, ask his friends to form a guard of honor after ceremony using bats, clubs or rods to make the arch.

3. Keep a diary throughout your engagement period into which you can record your feelings and fun stories about your time together so far.

4. Ask your wedding photographer to bring along some props for the photographs such as large letters in your initials, chalkboards on which you can write messages and big hearts in different sizes or large picture frames.
5. Send him a text when you wake up on your wedding morning with some poetic lines to start the day on a romantic note!

6. Organize a wedding dedication on your local radio and tip off the best man to make sure your groom hears it as he gets ready.

7. Follow the trend for making a bride’s speech and bring a tear to your guests eyes by telling them all how much you love him.

8. Give your groom the ultimate wedding gift by feeding his inner collector with some signed sporting memorabilia or even a letter of congratulations from his favorite sports team.

9. If you originally dismissed his fun wedding ideas for an Elvis impersonator give him a big surprise by organizing a celebrity lookalike to appear at the wedding.

10. Organize him a fun and novel way to arrive at the ceremony by hiring a stunning car for the morning. From super cars to film cars you can find a hire company for anything his heart desires!

11. Create your own coupon book which he can redeem after the wedding day. Think of ideas such as ‘one breakfast in bed’, ‘one afternoon of watching what I want on the TV’ etc.

12. If he has a favorite band look into hiring a tribute act to perform at the wedding reception.

13. Inject some real fun into your honeymoon by adding in ideas like adventure excursions, extreme sports activities or hiring a vintage or sports car for a day trip.

14. Exchange some embroidered silk lingerie with your nicknames on or keep it simple with just his and hers!

15. Divide your reception into his and hers areas and give him a blokes bar complete with cigars, beer, whiskey and a pool table. You never know it could just win the coolest wife award!