Kelli and Charlie’s wedding day

KC Photo Innovations – It’s wedding season.  Many more fun weddings will be posted…stay tuned for all the fun!

Wonderful Couple…that about sums it up.  We had so much fun photographing Kelli and Charlie’s wedding, the day just went too fast.  We started out at the Country Club Christian Church where getting ready and the first meeting took place.  Perfect blue skies with some fluffy clouds, great for photos.  The large beautiful wedding chapel is where the wedding took place.  Then off to the Argosy Casino…tons of fun and super fun wedding guests.  Everything at the Argosy went super well.  Great music, food and cake.  The occasion was one that stands out and we will always remember.

Their wedding anniversary will be June 14th, looking forward to seeing them for their family and anniversary photos at our studio.  Hope they had a wonderful honeymoon!

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Now the bride, Kelli, is ready to meet her soon to be husband, Charlie!  The wedding is getting closer and Kelli is getting excited!

Ready to meet her groom on her wedding day


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The Perfect Wedding Guide KansasThe wedding ceremony has begun…the groom waits at the altar, about to be man and wife!  Large church with may guests awaiting.

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Lisa and John from KC Photo Innovations are ready to take the couple to Loose Park for some fantastic photos.  More fun on the way!

Wedding couple at Loose park KC

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Weddings at Loose Park kansas CityWedding couple dippingKansas City Wedding PhotographyFun wedding couples KansasLoving wedding couple Weddings in The KnotKansas City Wedding PhotographyLimosine for wedding coupleArriving at the Argosy Casino, Kansas City Mo.  Time for wedding cake(s) dancing and festivities with a wonderful group of wedding guests.

Wedding cake 1Wedding Reception Kansas CityWeddings in Overland Park KansasThe wedding couple arrive and the party is on!

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To see more of Kelli and Charlie’s engagement photos and wedding photographs, just go to KC Photo Innovations and click on “Online Proofs” where you can see thiers and many more weddings and portraits from our studio right here in Kansas City.

To Kellie and Charlie, thank you so much for having us be part of your wedding day!

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